Lotus Esprit Sport 300 Sports Car

A survey of The Lotus Esprit Sport 300 Sports Car, covering advancement, significant highlights, and specialized information of this the twenty fourth model in the Lotus range. 

In this Article, I offer a nostalgic gander at the Lotus Esprit Sport 300, one of a tip top gathering of exemplary vehicles, which was produced during the time frame 1993 to 1994. Visit :- ohozaa

The body styling of the Lotus Esprit Sport 300 was by Julian Thompson, the main architect at Lotus. 

The vehicle was initially introduced as an idea at the NEC Motor Show in Birmingham in 1993, and was a prompt achievement, despite the way that it was shaded radiant yellow. 

It was considered as a restricted release sports vehicle with an objective market of around 50 units and was, basically, the street going variant of the Esprit X180R.

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